About Us

At Aircraft Crating we make a difference and have many goals in mind.

Aircraft Crating strives to provide high-quality, heat treated custom shipping crates and pallets for your crating and packaging needs. We are devoted to providing exceptional customer service as well as building a strong relationship with our clients. We value each client and understand that every shipping need is different.

As a team, we thrive to provide the best service, are committed to your crating, packaging and shipping needs, and on time delivery.

Helping the community sponsoring local sports teams is always a joy knowing it provides students the extra funds to continue the after-school sports programs available.

Our facility is strict on recycling and ensures our waste of raw materials is deposited in the correct recycle bins. This helps us contribute to making a better environment for the world.

We continue to find ways to improve our products and services and have a strong passion and drive to meet our goals with excellence.


Mission Statement

Aircraft Crating Inc. is dedicated to designing and creating superior quality shipping crates, pallets and wood boxes for a variety of shipping needs. Our process starts with an over the phone or an on-site consultation with one of our specialists to ensure accurate packing dimensions. You can rest assured that appropriate packaging materials will guarantee your valued goods will arrive to their destination safely. What truly sets our team apart is our ability to quickly fulfill your orders so that you can ship your products on time. Aircraft Crating Inc. exists to handle your crating and packaging needs so that your team can focus on other projects at hand.