10 Things to Do Before You Buy Wood Crates

10 Things to Do Before You Buy Wood Crates

If you are looking to buy wood crates for your product, then you’ve landed at the right place!

Adept buyers know that buying too early means costing their company more money with space being taken up by empty wood crates. On the other side, buying too late will result in high fees because of additional rush fees to get the crates delivered on time to meet deadlines.

Aircraft Crating is here to help walk you through some of the information or steps you should take before you make the call to request a quote.

Before making a call to buy wood crates, you should clearly define your packing objectives.

1. When does your production start?

This question will help your wooden crate manufacturer determine when they will be delivering the finished crates to your facility.

2. How many units are you manufacturing, and at what release dates?

In order to buy wood crates, you first need to know how many you need in total as well as how many you would like delivered on specific dates.

3. Where do you need wood crates to be delivered?

Make sure that the wood crate manufacturer you choose can also deliver to your location. Paying huge freight fees can throw a wrench in the deal.

4. What’s the physical size and weight of your items?

Don’t forget to consider how many items need to fit inside each wooden shipping crate, how much they weigh, and their sizes.

5. Do you have drawings, physical samples, or 3D files you can provide to your potential wooden crate manufacturers?

If your products have a variety of sizes, consider sharing 3D files to better communicate with your supplier. Wooden shipping crates are custom designed for each product going inside. Every detail of your part matters!

6. What do you expect in terms of quality?

Discuss with your team how long you expect the wooden crates to last. Questions like: Do we plan to reuse the crates? Do we require long-term preservation? Does the user have special handling requirements?

7. When should you consider involving a wooden crate manufacturer?

This question will help you determine when you need to start the design process.

8. What is your budget?

This is one of the most important things to consider before you buy wood crates. We suggest communicating that to your potential wood crate manufacturer. This can help both parties be on the same page when it comes to determining which upgrades are most important to stay in line with budgets.

9. What values are you looking for when selecting a wooden crate manufacturer?

  • Competitive pricing

  • Fast lead time

  • High quality standards

  • Flexibility

  • Fast and responsive services

10. What special services or requirements do you need from your wooden crate manufacturer?

Be sure to discuss with your team the importance of some factors in selecting your potential supplier.

  • Custom Crating

  • Onsite Crating and Packaging

  • Quality Assurance

  • ISO Certification

  • Direct Shipping

  • Warehousing

  • Heat-treated custom shipping crates