Custom-Built, Reusable Trade Show Wood Crates

Custom-Built, Reusable Trade Show Wood Crates

Aircraft Crating Inc. is an expert in custom-designed wood crates. One of which is reusable trade show crates. We’ve meticulously created a set of mandatory design requirements throughout the years, and each piece of material is handpicked to guarantee it meets our quality standards.

Many factors must be considered to create a successful trade show experience, and it can be incredibly hectic and challenging. Moreover, you’re up against other top companies, which can be stressful, and the whole experience can quickly go wrong.

Fortunately, Aircraft Crating Inc.’s trade show wood crates have you covered! We can custom design and build a wooden crate or container that is optimized for your assets or products. Allow us to handle all of the details to save you the anxiety, time, and money of figuring out packaging and crating solutions for your show.

Custom-Built for Your Items

Trade show crates are the ideal solution for your next trade show booth, regardless of size.

Our custom trade show crates will be designed based on the weight, size, fragility, and characteristics of the item that the crate is expected to handle. Our professionals will evaluate each item being shipped in a wooden shipping container and, if necessary, incorporate it into the initial design. To ensure proper cushioning and protection, we use a variety of internal foams and handles.

Following that, we create customized trade show wood crates or containers to protect your product and withstand repeated handling and shipping. We use peripherals such as link locks, hinges, and locking hasps to ensure that the crate can be opened and closed securely without tools. We can even paint, mark, or label the wood crate to your specifications.


While some parts of your trade show booth may be sturdy and resistant to damage, others could be very delicate. Aircraft Crating Inc.’s trade show crates and containers eliminate the need to distinguish between fragile and non-fragile items.

Because of the foam, metal-edged corners, swivels, ramps, and pedestals, these trade show boxes are designed to protect your booth and included items. This way, all parts and accessories (durable or not) are kept safe, whether they are being shipped, set up, or prepared for storage.

Made to Last

Your investment in trade show crates and containers is significant, and Aircraft Crating Inc. understands this. That’s why only the most durable and sturdy materials are being used in crafting our shipping solutions. Having said that, our wooden crates and containers are long-lasting, so you can reuse them.