Disadvantages of Buying Off-the-Shelf Wood Crates

Disadvantages of Buying Off-the-Shelf Wood Crates

Smart business owners know that it’s never a good idea to buy off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all wood crates. Despite the fact that the convenience of purchasing supplies from an online website may sound appealing, you’ll likely end up paying more for what comes down to an unimportant amount of time saved.


One-size-fits-all solutions seldom work for manufacturers because their goods are unique. When transporting delicate or fragile products by means of truck, rail, or sea, you have to ensure that they arrive safely and without damage at their destination. This is to protect it properly within its packaging.

One-size-fits-all wood crates rarely fit your item perfectly, resulting in unused internal space, resulting in:

  1. Extra packaging costs are expected to occupy the void space inside.

  2. Labor cost for the additional time needed to pack and assemble the items properly.

  3. Higher shipping charges for the extra cubic feet

1. Higher Pricing

Keep in mind that when buying wood crates from an online site, prices will be much higher. According to a survey done by Forbes Magazine, many retailers increase the price by 50%. This means you'll have to pay twice as much as the actual price of the wood crates. This is another reason why you should work with a manufacturer that offers wood crate customization.

2. Wood Crate Customization

The wood crate stocks and inventories at most online sites are not diverse, and you might not find the exact size you need. When you can’t find what you’re looking for at online shops, customization is unlikely to be a budget-friendly choice.

So what’s the appropriate response, then? Commonly custom-sized wood crates and an expert wood crate manufacturer.

One such manufacturer is Aircraftcrating Inc., situated in Sylmar, CA, ready to address your packaging needs with our wood crate and pallet experts. We are devoted to providing exceptional customer service and are committed to your shipping needs.

3. Packaging Needs

While you might find ordering wood crates or pallets online a convenient alternative that saves a lot of time, when it comes down to your critical packaging concerns, the retailer whom you’re ordering from is not a packaging expert.

At Aircraft Crating Inc., we have a packaging design team that has years of experience and develops customized solutions for your unique products. They will help you with your packaging needs and discuss with you different types of materials or fasteners. This will help you save a considerable amount of money.

Aircraft Crating Inc. strives to provide high-quality, heat-treated custom shipping crates for your crating and packaging needs. We are devoted to providing exceptional customer service as well as building strong relationships with our clients. Get in touch with us now!