How Custom-Designed Wooden Crates Can Save You Big Money

How Custom-Designed Wooden Crates Can Save You Big Money

The wood crate market has been a thriving industry as more and more people are shipping their goods back and forth.

If you are planning to ship heavy or large items, you may be tempted to use the cheapest crates available on the market so you can save money. You may think it would cost more to build custom wooden crates, but think again! Investing in custom wood crates ensures that your goods are delivered securely and safely.

Custom-Wood Crates for Uniquely-Sized Items

It can be hard to find a suitable ready-made crate if you are shipping oddly shaped or sized pieces. A crate that is too large would cause the object to fall over or possibly damage it. Other crates may not properly protect your goods during shipment.

On the other hand, if you order a custom wooden crate that is specifically designed for your item, you would not worry about these problems possibly happening. And in the long run, it will save you money.

Custom Crates Reduce Waste

By using the exact amount of materials for your item, you won’t end up having to pay for things you don’t need.

Unlike cardboard and plastic packaging that is relatively easy to tear apart, great custom wooden crates will be reusable and last a long time. At Aircraft Crating Inc., we use high-quality, sturdy materials to make sure your items are safe during back-and-forth shipment.

You would not have to keep buying more after ordering a set of custom-designed wooden reusable crates. In the long run, reusing these containers would save you a lot of money on shipping expenses.

Custom Crates are Durable

Your wooden crate can absorb most of the impact without breaking when your product gets jammed a bit during shipping. Before we even build the crates, we test the materials we use, so you can be sure the wood you are getting is sturdy.

Wooden Crates are Weatherproof

Even if your wooden crates are exposed to other elements, they won’t melt or decay like cardboard or plastic. If you add corrosion protection materials, thanks to the insulating properties of the wood, the item inside the box will remain warm and dry.

In the long run, ordering custom wood crates will save you money. By having your custom wood crate done by Aircraft Crating Inc., you can guarantee that your items will arrive in great condition.

At Aircraft Crating Inc., we design and create high-quality shipping crates specific to your crating, packaging, and shipping demands. We take into consideration your item’s fragility, weight, dimensions, and value when manufacturing your crate or pallet.