Industries That Need Custom Wood Crate Manufacturers

Industries That Need Custom Wood Crate Manufacturers

Many industries today require custom crates for shipping their goods. As a result, the crate market has expanded as businesses realize the benefits of purchasing custom wood shipping crates, boxes, and pallets. It will require custom crates if a product does not fit or is larger than a standard-sized crate or pallet. For instance, a product that weighs 2,500 lbs. will be too heavy for a standard pallet size.

Therefore, it needs custom crates. This is just one example of why a custom wood crate from a manufacturer is needed. Let us look at some of the industries that need custom wood crate manufacturers.

Engine Suppliers

Vehicle engines are huge and will require the use of custom wood crates. Manufacturers design heavy-duty custom wood containers, which are made to hold large, heavy objects. They will also come with a sling that will keep the engine suspended inside the box, preventing damage.

Printing Industry

When sipping, large and small printing machines, print rollers, and other printing equipment require a highly secure container. This is why custom wood crates are built to ensure that they arrive in good condition.

Agricultural Industry

Product safety, on-schedule delivery, and cost-effective packaging solutions are vital in the agriculture or farming industry. If their container doesn’t match the specification or they don’t obtain the packaging they need on time, those in the industry who send perishable or live items could lose their entire shipment. A dependable packaging partner is critical in this industry.

Military Industry

The military ships equipment around the world and demands custom wood crates for large weapons to tanks to medical supplies. Parts for tanks, firearms, and other equipment that require custom crates are also shipped by the military.

Commercial Compressors

Due to their heavyweight, large commercial compressors cannot be shipped using standard packing. They require robust and sturdy custom wood containers.

Where Can I Get High-Quality Custom Wood Crates?

Wood crates, containers, and pallets can be purchased on the internet, but we do not recommend this since you need to know your needs first, Companies that need to ship things that don’t fit on a standard pallets need custom crates. They may still be regarded as commodities.

Still, the market for them is expanding as businesses recognize the advantages of working with manufacturers that can design and build crates that satisfy their requirements.

Get Your Custom Wood Crates from Aircraft Crating, Inc

Whatever industry you are in, we design and manufacture high-quality shipping crates tailored to your unique crating, packaging, and shipping needs. When making your crate or pallet, we Consider the fragility, weight, size, and value of your item.

Our clients can select from several standard-sized crates and pallets with a choice of closures including knock-down and removable top and front crates. If the crates do not match your specific needs, we will custom-build one. Contact us now!