Shipping Crates or Pallets - Which One is Best for You?

Shipping Crates or Pallets - Which One is Best for You?

Are you shipping something? Not sure if you need a pallet or crate? Well, this article is for you.

Although pallets and crates all have unique features and uses, we often hear the terms used interchangeably. Both can be used for shipping and storing materials, and each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and ideal uses.

Crates vs. Pallets

Whenever you are shipping items domestically or internationally, one of the most important things to consider is whether to use a pallet or a crate to protect your item from damage.

Here is a definition for each and an explanation of when and why one item should be chosen over the other.


A shipping crate can easily be distinguished from other shipping containers like skids and pallets. The latter two tend to be flat and mostly used for product transport; crates, on the other hand, are essentially wooden boxes with four walls as well as a floor in order to be useful for holding supplies, products, or anything else that needs to be securely stored.

Crates are perfect for shipping fragile items; they can be superior to pallets for more delicate goods.

Crates for International Shipment

When it comes to international shipments, crates are the best option, as they provide a safe, flexible way to ship fragile items. There are crates built to accommodate standard and non-standard freight dimensions that can continue to provide protection for fragile goods.

A crate can be customized to fit any type of freight and thus can contain a huge volume of goods. It also provides a stable platform for fragile items that need to be securely stored or shipped.

The only downside of using crates is that their bulky shape makes them less easy to transport. That’s where shipping pallets come into the picture.


Pallets are part of the standard shipping method and are probably the most popular and most utilized way of shipping and storing freight. It has both a top and bottom deck, making it quick and easy to be moved, loaded, or unloaded by a forklift. They are sturdy and resistant, making them ideal for shipping abroad.

Important facts about a pallet include:

  • Can carry up to 1000 kg.
  • Most commonly, 48" X 40".
  • Harder to drag—more friction than a skid.

Whatever you are shipping, your pallets can be designed in a way that is especially tailored to your specific needs. Pallets are also cheaper compared to other shipping options, and many times they are a great choice to suit your shipping needs as they are safer and less likely to cause spills.

Which is right for you?

Either of these modes of transportation (crates or pallets) could be a good choice for what it is you need to accomplish, and surely your crate manufacturer will help you decide which is best for your item.

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