The Four Questions to Ask for a Reliable Shipping Crate Design

The Four Questions to Ask for a Reliable Shipping Crate Design

Packaging containers like plastic, corrugated boxes, and shipping crates naturally have the capacity to provide protection from external forces. Consider the following for your packaging container:

  • Will it be stored or shipped?
  • Transported by truck, ship, plane, or train
  • Damaged by being dropped, pushed, jostled, tossed, or stacked
  • The environment of the final destination

A lot can happen with your shipping crate throughout its lifecycle, so you have to consider a lot of things to create a more robust design. You must, however, also take into account whether your current packaging is sufficient to ensure the security of its contents.

To build a reliable shipping container, there are four questions you must consider, four questions that primarily focus on its contents—what's inside.

The 4 Questions

  1. How much weight is in my shipment?
  2. Does my package include any fragile items?
  3. Does my shipment contain multiple distinct parts and pieces?
  4. Is the shape or form of my load odd?

By asking yourself these questions, you can ensure that your shipment will make it through any tough cycles and be better prepared for transit, handling, and/or storage.

Question 1: How much weight is in my shipment?

Whether you’re shipping something as small as your hand or something as large as a truck, knowing the weight of your shipment is necessary to build a better design.

On small and lightweight shipments, consider installing custom handles or grips to make handling easier for you, the shipper, and the customer.

Casters are also recommended for ease of transport. The possibility of damage decreases when a crate is easily accessible.

Question 2: Does my package include any fragile items?

If your shipping container contains any fragile items, you’ll need a few extra inside protections to safeguard them. A few of them are as follows:

  • Dividers
  • Foam
  • Neoprene
  • Carpet

All these safeguards are provided by Aircraft Crating Inc. for your custom shipping crate.

Question 3: Does my shipment contain multiple, distinct parts and pieces?

Multiple-part shipments can be challenging. If the parts are not organized and poorly packaged, they may bounce and shift in the box, causing damage to the components inside.

Dividers, custom inserts, foam, and smaller boxes that fit perfectly inside the larger shipping container can be used to secure them.

Question 4: Is the shape or form of my load odd?

Although buying off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all wood crates sounds appealing, it is rarely a good solution, especially for oddly shaped items.

In this case, a customized shipping container is the best option to make shipping safer and improve handling throughout the transport process and once the shipment arrives at its destination.

Aircraft Crating Inc.’s shipping crate design team has years of experience and creates tailored solutions for your unique items. You can trust the Aircraft Crating team to handle your crating and packaging needs by creating long-lasting, custom-made wooden shipping crates and pallets to protect your valuable cargo throughout transit.