Tips to Extend Your Wooden Crates' Lifespan

Tips to Extend Your Wooden Crates' Lifespan

Several manufacturing companies will use non-biodegradable packaging, such as plastic or metal, because they believe it will last much longer than wooden crates. But did you know that wooden crates can last for hundreds of years?

Stand in the Way of Decay

That is right. When we treat the Earth’s most valuable renewable resource properly, does not deteriorate. Wood’s vulnerability to moisture and decay is one limitation that can reduce its service life.

To live, fungi need these things:

  • Moisture
  • Favorable temperatures must usually be between 50°F and 90°F.
  • Suitable food material
  • Adequate Oxygen

So, what can you do to ensure that your wooden crates last for what seems like an eternity? The short answer is that you must stand in the way of decay.

Decay: Tips to prevent it

  • You can protect your wooden crates from water, moisture, and decay for a long time by
  • doing the following:
  • Use a coating that forms a moisture-impervious film, such as paints and varnishes, while maintaining the seal at wood junctures.
  • Use wood that has been preservative-treated.
  • Decrease moisture and establish a well-ventilated environment in your facilities, storage sheds, or other locations where wooden crates are stored.
  • Use special sheeting or covers.
  • Make use of desiccants, moisture-absorbing technologies, and other anti-corrosion techniques.

Wood Crates: Protect Your Investment

Wooden boxes prove themselves to be a far better investment and outperform plastic packaging in terms of recyclability.

No matter where you are in the world, the wood elements of a crate can be easily replaced!

Furthermore, the cost of recycling or refurbishment is often less than half the cost of a new container.