Wood Crates and Shipping Containers

Wood Crates and Shipping Containers

Some items are too large or too heavy for corrugated ("cardboard") packaging, and it is not practical to use corrugated packaging in these instances due to the limitations of the corrugated material.

Items that are too large or too heavy require crates, boxes, or containers made from wood for added protection during shipping and handling. Wooden crates are stronger and provide more protection than corrugated containers.

Custom-Designed Wood Packaging

Aircraft Crating Inc. offers custom wood crates and interior protective packaging for domestic and international shipments. We build wooden crates that are tailored perfectly for the products you ship, each one carefully designed according to your required degree of protection, shipping method, and budget.

The two essential advantages of wooden crates are:

  • Their design allows them to move with efficiency and no effort.
  • Gives an advanced level of protection.

Our custom wooden crates will be based on the load weight, dimensions, value, and characteristics of the item that the crate is expected to handle. Each item being shipped in a wooden shipping container will be evaluated by our professionals and, if required, incorporated into the initial design.

Our packaging design team has years of experience and develops customized shipping crates and pallets for your unique products. Rest assured that the Aircraft Crating team can meet your crating and packaging needs by building durable, custom-made wooden shipping crates, wood boxes, and pallets to protect your valuable cargo during shipping.

Custom Wood Crate Products:

  • Commercial wood crates and boxes
  • Military wood crates and boxes
  • Export wood crates and boxes

Wood Crates For:

  • Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Equipment Shipping Crates
  • Machinery Manufacturers’ Custom Wooden Crates and Pallets
  • Mass-produced commercial crates and wood boxes
  • Extra-large industrial crates and heavy-duty wood skids and bases
  • Reusable Shipping and Storage Crates and Custom Pallets
  • Reusable Trade Show Crates and Corrugated Packing Boxes

We are a complete Wood Crate Manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Whether you manufacture industrial machines, parts for the aviation, railway, or aerospace sectors, or any other products that require protection from the jolts and shocks of international shipping, we have the wooden shipping crates to ensure that your exports arrive intact with no scratches. Our wood crates and pallets are built to withstand the rigors of the export market and comply with ISPM 15 regulations.

We are offering our crating and packing services at the following locations:

  • Los Angeles, CA Crating and Packaging Services
  • San Fernando, CA: Crating and Packaging Services
  • Sun Valley, CA Crating and Packaging Services
  • Granada Hills, CA Crating and Packaging Services
  • Northridge, CA, Crating and Packaging Services
  • And many more.

When it comes to crates and packaging needs, Aircraft Crating Inc. has the expertise to deliver! Contact us now!