Wood Crates Vs. Ata Cases - Why Choose Wood Crates?

Wood Crates Vs. Ata Cases - Why Choose Wood Crates?

ATA Cases

An ATA (Air Transport Association) case, also called a roadie case or flight case, is considered the most popular shipping container for the entertainment industry, the military, sports, and medical industries.

These are shipping containers especially built to protect the following:

  • Audio Production Equipment
  • Film and video equipment
  • Lighting
  • Gear
  • Computers
  • Musical Equipment

Or other fragile equipment during transit between locations—especially airports.

Wood crates and ATA cases have various similarities when it comes to uses and benefits, but ATA cases have one unique difference: they are built according to Air Transport Association (ATA) 300 Category I Specifications. This means that ATA Spec 300 Cat I cases are designed to withstand the hazards associated with 100 round trips by air, land, or sea.

If a manufacturer’s cases are in strict compliance with ATA testing procedures, they should be able to resist tremendous amounts of vibration, moisture, and even being dropped from heights up to 36" on all forms, angles, or surfaces.

Wood Crates

So how do wooden crates compare? We know that compared to ATA cases, wood crates are less expensive. This is the major reason why a lot of small to mid-sized businesses often choose wood crates.

Although wood crates are more affordable, they are still very strong, sturdy, and secure, and they can withstand intense vertical pressure when stacked correctly. Because they can be easily customized, space is optimized, and they offer very high protection to your fragile parts.

Common uses include:

  • Large Heavy Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Storage
  • Antiques and Fine Art
  • Military
  • Musical Equipment
  • Industrial Shipping
  • Motorcycles and ATVs

Another advantage of wood crates is that they are environmentally friendly since they are completely natural, which means they contain no toxic ingredients.

Furthermore, wooden boxes can be heat treated to meet International ISPM 15 standards (read our article about ISPM 15) to withstand many of the risks and hazards associated with temperate climates or inclement weather.

Wooden crates are typically constructed from plywood and lumber and can incorporate steel, aluminum, plastic, coatings, and more.

Why Choose Wood Crates?

Apart from the fact that wood crates are environmentally friendly, by nature, wood crates and pallets use simpler, natural materials. They are easy to customize according to the customer’s design preferences and specifications. A crate can be customized to fit any type of freight and thus can contain a huge volume of goods.

Wood crates also provide a stable platform for fragile items that need to be securely stored or shipped. Unlike ATA cases, wood crates can be easily disassembled and rebuilt. Additionally, many of the same accessories or materials you will find on ATA cases can be used to create an even more secure and functional wood crate.

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