Wooden Pallets & Crates - An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Wooden Pallets & Crates - An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Wood has been one of the most valuable natural resources available to us since the very beginning. Our homes, furniture, papers, etc. are all made from them, and they provide us with the warmth of our nature.

Today, the responsibilities of wood in the supply chain are to serve as a fundamental and sustainable part of a secure, quick, and efficient movement of products from one point to another.

In this article, we discuss how wooden pallets and crates are useful in not only the transport and distribution of goods but also to reduce their harmful effects on the environment.

Wood is used for a lot of things. From furniture to fences to building the foundation of your house, wood is incredibly versatile in its uses. Since wood is a renewable resource, we do not need to worry about permanently consuming it since we can always replant.

How is using wood pallets and crates good for the environment?

  • Wood packaging products are the most environmentally friendly choice. Wood pallets and crates are heat-treated, thus eliminating fungicides and other contaminants that harm the environment and contaminate it. Unlike plastics, which generate pollutants in their manufacturing process,

  • They can be recycled or reused, thus reducing the risk of waste.

The 4 R's of environmental management

Renewable: The material used to make wood pallets and crates is renewable.

Reusable: Wood pallets and crates are usable for as many purposes as possible.

Repairable: Damaged wood pallets and crates can be repaired for much less than purchasing a new one.

Recyclable: Wooden pallets and crates can be recycled into something if they are beyond repair.

Aircraft Crating Inc. is passionate about the environment. Our facility is strict on recycling and ensures our waste of raw materials is deposited in the correct recycling bins. We strive to provide high-quality, heat-treated custom shipping crates and pallets. This helps us contribute to making the world a better place.

We continue to find ways to improve our products and services, and we have a strong passion and drive to meet our goals with excellence. Get in touch with us now!