Custom Wood Crates for Maximum Protection of Your Valuable Goods

Custom Wood Crates for Maximum Protection of Your Valuable Goods

Some goods are too large or heavy for corrugated cardboard box packaging, therefore requiring sturdier containers. Certain goods require packaging that is made out of wood for additional protection during handling and shipping. These are wood crates and pallets.

To ensure goods are secure for shipment, wood crates are lined and packed with an adequate amount of cushioning agent. Many variables, including fragility, weight, dimensions, the value of your item, mode of transport, etc., are taken into consideration.

Custom-Designed Wood Crates

Aircraft Crating offers a variety of standard-sized crates and pallets, which we offer with a variety of latches, including knock-down and removable top and front crates. We produce light- to heavy-duty panels.

If one of our standard-sized crates does not meet your exact needs, we will custom build one to your exact specifications.

With any kind of item you are planning to ship, we take a deliberative approach to meeting the packaging requirements of your product. Our packaging experts work with you and the specifics of your product to provide solutions that guarantee reliable transport and distribution. Custom packaging will reduce the cost of shipping, harm, and lost revenue for your business.

Our custom wood crate products include

  • Commercial wood crates and boxes
  • Military wood crates and boxes
  • Export wood crates and boxes

Wood crates for

  • Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Equipment Shipping Crates

  • Machinery Manufacturers’ Custom Wooden Crates and Pallets

  • mass-produced commercial crates and wood boxes

  • Extra-large industrial crates and heavy-duty wood skids and bases

  • Reusable shipping and storage crates and custom pallets

  • Reusable trade show crates and corrugated packing boxes

We are a complete wood crate manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Custom Foam Inserts

At Aircraft Crating, custom foam is also incorporated into the final wooden crates. These custom foam inserts do more than just organize your items inside the crate. It prevents vibration and impact shock on products during shipment.

Whether you are shipping small boxes with fruits or large crates filled with fragile items, foam inserts can protect your goods from damage.

  • Lightweight and Durable - Foams are lightweight and durable, so without the additional weight, you have all the protection of a heavier material.

  • Shock Absorption - Custom foam inserts provide superior protection for your goods during handling and shipment. During shipment, movement, bouncing, and sudden shocks will always occur. These custom foam inserts will help prevent any external or internal damage.

  • Excellent Insulation - Whether your goods require warmth, cold, something in-between, or nothing at all, the built-in temperature control of the foam provides whatever insulation your products need.

  • Reusability

    • Custom foam inserts can be reused. This makes them both environmentally and budget-friendly. The more you reuse them, the greater the impact on saving the environment because you’re not throwing them away. Additionally, you can reuse them on your personal shipping projects.

Highly Skilled Craftsmen

Our highly skilled craftsmen have years of experience in the crating and packaging processes, and rest assured that the Aircraft Crating team can meet your custom crating and packaging needs for the maximum protection of your valuable goods. Here’s how we do it:

  • We take into consideration the dimensions, weight, and fragility of each item to build the best-suited shipping crate or pallet for the item.

  • We only use appropriate crates or pallets, or we design and build crates according to your required degree of protection, shipping method, and budget.

  • We ensure the utmost protection of your items during transportation by making sure that each item to be shipped will be evaluated by our professionals and, if required, incorporated into the initial design of the crate or pallet.

At Aircraft Crating Inc., our wood crates are engineered and custom-built to your specifications, packaging, and shipping demands. When manufacturing your crate or pallet, we take into account the fragility, weight, dimensions, and value of your item.

When it comes to custom wood crate solutions, Aircraft Crating Inc. has the expertise to deliver! We build and design shipping crates, pallets, wood crates, and heavy-duty platforms to ensure maximum protection for your valuable goods.

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