Wood Crates for Air Freight

Wood Crates for Air Freight

Whether you are shipping products from Los Angeles or from different locations around California, Aircraft Crating Inc. is your go-to manufacturer of shipping crates and pallets. We have a wide range of packaging and crating services tailored to suit your business requirements.

Included in our services are wood crates for air freight. In order to properly package goods for air freight, you must use packaging materials that best suit your needs.

Understanding the Hazards Associated With Air Freight

First, you must understand the hazards involved in shipping your products internationally or domestically on air freight:

  • Scratches and abrasions
    • Occurs when the item moves or does not have sufficient internal packaging.
  • Compression
    • Compressive forces, including piling, shock, and vibration, can cause damage to products.
  • Shipment handling - Proper packaging must be capable of shielding the contents from the falls and impacts common in handling operations.

All of these possible hazards can be avoided with proper packaging and preparation before the air freight shipment of your goods. Aircraft Crating Inc. provides high-quality packaging to minimize hazards associated with air freight.

Wood Packaging for Air Freight

Our highly skilled craftsmen have years of experience in the crating and packaging processes. You can be sure we will craft your shipment for air freight that will help secure your goods, allowing damage-free transit.

Here’s how we do it

  • We take into consideration the dimensions, weight, and fragility of each item to build the best-suited shipping crate or pallet for the item.
  • We only use appropriate crates or pallets, or we design and build crates according to your required degree of protection, shipping method, and budget.
  • We ensure the utmost protection of your items during transportation by making sure that each item to be shipped will be evaluated by our professionals and, if required, incorporated into the initial design of the crate or pallet.

When it comes to the shipment of items on air freight, Aircraft Crating Inc. has the expertise to deliver! We have shipping crates, pallets, wood crates, and heavy-duty platforms for air freight. We always ensure that your items arrive intact with no scratches. Contact us now! Call us at (818) 361-0076 or email us at aircraftcratinginc@gmail.com. You may also visit our office at 12355 Gladstone Ave., Sylmar, CA 91342.