Is Your Pallet Reliable?

Is Your Pallet Reliable?

Pallets are one of the most fundamental but essential tools in the global supply chain. While cost cutting is crucial for any business, you must also ensure that your pallets are of excellent quality.

To start, here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Rogue suppliers may not have reliable capacity estimates.
  • Used, low-cost wooden pallets may be defective, unreliable, or harmful.
  • Choose a wood pallet manufacturer that offers a quality guarantee.

The Importance of a Reliable Wood Pallet

Although wooden pallets appear straightforward, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. Cheap wood pallets may be made from unreliable, low-quality materials. Purchasing one of these low-cost, faulty pallets will end up costing you more in the long run.

Pallets of high quality from a reputed wood pallet manufacturer include:

  • Heat-treated for export
  • Produced with high-quality materials and processes
  • Labeled with a weight capacity
  • Checked for quality assurance.
  • Suitable size for your load

Heat Treatment

When exporting goods internationally, you must consider not only the durability of the pallets over the course of the exportation but also the quarantine and other regulations in the destination country.

Your wood pallets must be heat-treated against pests and parasites to comply with the ISPM15 regulations. If your wood pallets do not meet the requirements, your shipment may be held up in customs for a long time, or you may be charged a high cost.

Aircraft Crating strives to provide high-quality, heat-treated custom shipping crates for your crating and packaging needs.

High-Quality Workmanship

If a wood pallet is built in a low-quality manner, it will most likely not be robust enough for its intended usage or have a lengthy lifespan. Any mistakes made during the construction process can cause serious damage to the customers who purchase the pallets.

At Aircraft Crating Inc., we guarantee the quality of our wood pallets. To create reliable, durable pallets, we use high-quality materials and manufacturing methods.

A well-put-together pallet will not have the following manufacturing faults:

  • Poor wood quality
  • Incorrect size
  • Nails that have been exposed
  • Poor construction
  • Damages


The size of a pallet offers you a visual indication of whether it will be able to hold a specific load. If the wooden pallet isn’t proportional to the objects that will be lifted on it, you’ll almost certainly require a larger construction. You’ll want to hire a professional wood pallet manufacturer to guarantee that your pallet is appropriate for your item or load.

At Aircraft Crating Inc., we consider your item’s fragility, weight, size, and value when manufacturing your wood pallet.

Check for Damages

Whether you utilize a new or used wood pallet to transport your items may not be as essential as you think. But you need to make sure to check the wood pallet for any cracks or damages.

Your wood pallets will be professionally constructed and quality-checked by our skilled engineers. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about your items being harmed by substandard wood pallets.