Why Do Many Businesses Prefer Wooden Crates for Industrial Shipping?

Why Do Many Businesses Prefer Wooden Crates for Industrial Shipping?

You may not realize why many businesses prefer wooden crates over other alternative options for industrial shipping. Good protective packaging is crucial for avoiding damage during transit and ensuring the safe shipment of your products.

In shipping your goods, pallets, wooden crates, cardboard packaging, and even steel industrial shipping crates are a few of your options. With so many choices, it’s essential to know what will work best for you.

Wooden crates are more practical, economical, and sustainable than other types of packaging for various reasons.

Wooden Crates are Sturdy and Secure

The popularity of wooden crates can undoubtedly be attributed to their sturdiness and security. During loading, unloading, and transport of your products, your packaging can experience a lot of mechanical stress, putting your products at risk of being damaged. Wooden crates are built to handle this kind of stress and load and remain tough all the time.

The shipping industry is more technologically advanced these days. Even after many years of use, wooden crates are still highly favored. Steel crates and containers are good, but they may have issues with heat conductivity, which could affect the load. As a result, wood takes precedence over steel!

Wooden Crates are Versatile

Custom wooden crates come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the clients and the product being shipped. You can have wooden crates that are hinged, open, sealed, or have detachable sides.

Our clients can select from a wide range of standard-sized wooden boxes and pallets with a variety of closures, including knock-down and removable top and front crates. We will custom build a crate to your exact specifications if one of our standard-sized crates does not match your exact needs.

Wooden Crates are Economical

Like other wood products, wooden crates are sustainable and environmentally friendly. As a business, it is crucial to create a greener supply chain and reduce carbon footprints.

There are a few facts to consider if you’re wondering if wooden crates are truly sustainable.

  • Wooden crates can be repaired and reused multiple times. This raises the crate’s lifetime value while lowering the overall cost.
  • They can be recycled into other wood objects such as tables, swings, and other such goods.
  • When wooden crates have served their purpose and can no longer be used, they can be turned into mulch, wood pellets, or animal bedding. The wood eventually decomposes and returns to the earth to aid the growth of new life.

Wooden boxes are far more cost-effective than many other types of transportation packaging.

In Conclusion

It’s clear why many businesses prefer to use wooden crates for their industrial shipping crates over other options. Wooden crates and containers are environmentally friendly and have several other positive aspects. These containers are self-contained and can be reused multiple times. The shape is easily adaptable to meet specific requirements. As a result, the valuable loads are adequately protected.

Aircraft Crating Inc. designs and manufactures high-quality shipping crates to meet your specific crating, packaging, and shipping requirements. We consider your item’s fragility, weight, dimensions, and value when manufacturing your crate or pallet. Aircraft Crating Inc. is happy to build a platform to ensure your cargo will load with ease and arrive safely.